I'm working with prepared statements via the Neo4J JDBC driver, and have a need to create node and relationship labels whose names are driven by the data we will be receiving.

For example, I'd like to create a prepared statement along these lines:

MERGE (test:{1} {id: {2}) ON CREATE SET test.id = {2}


MERGE (test:Test)-[:{1}]->(test2:Test)

These don't currently work, as it seems Neo4J doesn't interpret the placeholder {1} as a placeholder, instead seeing it as an invalid label name.

Another possibility I'm exploring is that we may be able to extend Cypher via a stored procedure, though I suspect we may run into the same limitation.

Hoping someone can provide some insight as to whether there is any way to accomplish this with Cypher.



An answer below suggests using APOC's apoc.create.node procedure, but what I need is to merge on a dynamic label. Updated the title to reflect this.


I ended up using a different procedure from APOC - apoc.cypher.doIt, as it turns out APOC doesn't have a way to merge with dynamic labels as of yet. See feature request: https://github.com/neo4j-contrib/neo4j-apoc-procedures/issues/271

Below is what I ended up doing. Note that the requirement was to iterate (in this case using UNWIND) over a collection and merge nodes with dynamic labels pulled from this collection, and then merge a relationship between a pre-existing node and this new node:

WITH myNode, myList
UNWIND categories AS catArray
WITH myNode, 'MERGE (cat:' + catArray[0] + ' {value: "' + catArray[1] + '" }) ON CREATE SET cat.value = \"' + catArray[1] + '\" RETURN cat' AS cypher
CALL apoc.cypher.doIt(cypher, {}) YIELD value
WITH myNode, value.cat as cat
MERGE (myNode)-[:IN_CATEGORY]->(cat)

You can use APOC to create dynamic relationships. Similar APOC procedures exist for creating nodes with dynamic labels or adding dynamic labels to nodes.

MERGE (test:Test {name: 'Test'})
WITH test
MERGE (test2:Test {name: 'Test 2'})
WITH test, test2
CALL apoc.create.relationship(test, {new_rel_type}, {}, test2) YIELD rel
RETURN test, test2, rel
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    Perfect, thanks @dave-bennett - tried it in a sandbox and it seems to work after deploying the APOC plugin. Quick edit you may want to make to your answer: YIELD new_rel gave me an error: Unknown procedure output: 'new_rel' - looks like it expects the output to be called rel. May 2 '17 at 15:04
  • Are you aware of a way to do this with MERGE instead of CREATE? I've been looking over the APOC docs and it doesn't seem like it's supported currently. May 2 '17 at 18:07
  • Updated the question and removed this as accepted answer for now May 2 '17 at 18:23

After trying almost half a day, I finally find out this method:

UNWIND {batch} as row MERGE (n { id: row.id }) SET n += row.properties WITH n CALL apoc.create.addLabels(id(n), [n.label]) YIELD node RETURN node and the performance is almost the same as purely MERGE.

Many thanks for this refer: SET label : pass label name as parameter

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