I have a ball that has sharp edges, and I want to simulate clicking when the ball rolls. How would I go about playing a ticking sound at an interval that correlates with the velocity of the ball? Ex. as the ball velocity increases, the ticking becomes more frequent.

Current variables available:

AudioClip[] tickSounds;   // the sound files
bool onGround;            // indicates if the ball is on the ground
Rigidbody rb;             // Rigidbody of the ball to access velocity

I have tried Time.frameCount and modulation, but I couldn't get a good rhythm going.

Thanks in advance.

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Figured it out! Use Coroutines!

void Start() {
    StartCoroutines("TickSound", 30f);    // method name, initial wait time

IEnumerator TickSound(float time) {
    yield return new WaitForSeconds(time);
    while (true) {
        // Don't bother playing sounds if its below a certain velocity
        if (onGround && rb.velocity.magnitude > 1f) {
            au.PlayOneShot(tickSounds[Random.Range(0, tickSounds.Length)], 0.2f);
        // Used this equation 0.6f / ((velocity / 3f) + 1)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.6f / (rb.velocity.magnitude / 3f + 1)) ;
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    Even if your answer works, I'd recommend using a float timer; variable to store time and use timer += Time.deltaTime; in Update(). If your timer value is > 0.6f / (rb.velocity.magnitude / 3f + 1), you reset it to 0 and play your sound. This way you avoid having an infinite Coroutine running. – Kardux May 3 '17 at 7:15

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