I am trying to implement Flash-Messages in my project built on Spring-Boot with Thymeleaf. But I found that it's not a built in feature so far. If this is the case, what are the options to show messages to the user after redirection.

I am trying to implement the solution proposed in the link but it's not intended to work on Spring-Boot as explained in the introduction.


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As explained here, Inject RedirectAttributes object into your controller, then call setFlashAttribute on the object. e.g.

public String test1(RedirectAttributes redirAttrs){
    redirAttrs.addFlashAttribute("message", "This is message from flash");
    return "redirect:/test2";

public String test2(Model model){
    return "test2";

The message is now available in the model of "/test2" so in test.html, display the message e.g

<h2 th:text="${message}"></h2>

You could add this code and it will look like this

<div class="alert alert-success" role="alert"
                            <span th:text="${message}"></span>
                            <button aria-label="Close" class="btn-close" data-bs-dismiss="alert"

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