Hi i was searching on if there is any way to put the logic app identifier into a logic app actions input field?

Is it possible to retrieve it some how?

enter image description here


Found it!


Worked like a charm.

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    Just FYI, the same data is also in any outgoing request originated from the Logic Apps. It's in header "X-Ms-Workflow-Run-Id". – Derek Li May 3 '17 at 23:38
  • Just to add that regarding the outgoing headers, there are a couple more that might give you more insight also: x-ms-execution-location, x-ms-workflow-id, x-ms-workflow-version, x-ms-workflow-name, x-ms-workflow-system-id, x-ms-workflow-run-id, x-ms-workflow-run-tracking-id, x-ms-workflow-operation-name, x-ms-workflow-subscription-id, x-ms-workflow-resourcegroup-name, x-ms-tracking-id, x-ms-correlation-id, x-ms-client-request-id, x-ms-client-tracking-id, x-ms-action-tracking-id, x-ms-activity-vector. – acoelhosantos Jun 28 '18 at 17:02
  • In the context of Microsoft Flow, the syntax seems to be workflow().run.name – Mike Honey Jan 4 at 2:56

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