My app is rejected as email by Apple due to following code, Apple declared showButtonWithLeftTitle as private API method so any help please..

nav = [[UINavigationBar alloc] 
initWithFrame: CGRectMake(0.0f, 433.0f-rotatecheck, 320.0f, 48.0f)];

[nav showButtonsWithLeftTitle: @"<<" 
    rightTitle: @">>" leftBack: NO];

Why do you want to create a navigation bar by yourself? Perhaps it's a better idea for you to create an UINavigationController and set the left and right buttons of the navigationItem of the view controller on its navigation stack. If you really just want the navigation bar, create an UINavigationItem (with left and right buttons set) and push it onto the navigation stack of your navigation bar (pushNavigationItem:animated:). If you need more buttons than just a left and right one, use UIToolbar.

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