The HTML below causes console error saying "missing a ;" I have tried

- Co&Co - Co & Co - Co &&nbsp

All give same error, any ideas how I can display Co & Co ?

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    Can you elaborate more on the issue? Perhaps provide a link to your site that has the console error. Are you trying to output the text from jquery or php? – heero May 4 '17 at 1:17

It's as simple as using the <pre> tag! This works because <pre> is meant for displaying text EXACTLY how it is. Which means you can put virtually anything in the <pre> tag as long as it's not the </pre> tag or PHP code.

pre{display: inline;}
<span>This is a test! The following text, <pre>Co & Co</pre>, fits in this sentence <b>perfectly!</b></span>



Either above works. You are missing the final ; on the third line of code you provided. The first two lines simply wouldn't work.

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