config.active_support.escape_html_entities_in_json is enabled by deafult in Rails (v4, v5) and it protects from some XSS attacks by encoding HTML entities <, >, & and it's great for views (html)

But I think this encoding is redundant in API responses:

render status: :ok, json: { link: 'https://example.com?p1=v1&p2=v2' }

I expect to get:

{ link: 'https://example.com?p1=v1&p2=v2' }

instead of

{ link: 'https://example.com?p1=v1\u0026p2=v2' }

How to disable escaping HTML entities in JSON for API, but leave it enabled for views?

Thank you

render json: JSON.generate({ link: 'https://example.com?p1=v1&p2=v2' })



Wrap your object in as_json like so:

render status: :ok, json: { link: 'https://example.com?p1=v1&p2=v2' }.as_json

More info on as_json

  • It does not work: ApplicationController.render status: :ok, json: { link: 'https://example.com?p1=v1&p2=v2' }.as_json returns "{\"link\":\"https://example.com?p1=v1\\u0026p2=v2\"}" – Alexey May 4 '17 at 4:58

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