When I starts android emulator in android studio ; after boot completes this window opens : enter image description here

and emulator hangs . How can I fix this problem ?


I found some solutions in this page : Error Message: emulator-arm.exe has stopped working

In this page suggests changing of resolution and RAM and you should decrease them. When I decrease my resolution It fixes this problem .


Try to use a low-resolution device, when I selected Nexus 4 it kept running smoothly with me. If it doesn't work. try this:

If you want to have graphics acceleration enabled by default for this AVD, in the Hardware section of the AVD configuration, click New, select GPU emulation and set the value to Yes.


In my case, cold reboot resolves the issue on an OSX machine.

  • Close all open emulator first
  • Open android studio configure > avd manager
  • from the virtual device you are working on action > cold boot now

enter image description here

Hope the interface will be almost similar to Linux and Windows machine and the fix will workout there too.

  • I even added cold boot as default by going to edit of a particular avd -> Advanced Options -> Cold boot as default – Akash A Feb 22 at 4:17

Beyond other possible solutions, what worked to me was to change the "Emulated performance" option to "Software".


I have tried changing the resolution, RAM size, Emulated performance graphic type, etc.. but none of them worked. Finally, I found that the android version image was my problem(Android P) so I downloaded a different version image and it worked fine


If the virtual device was previously working, try to wipe user data. Go to the AVD manager, select the virtual device action and click on "Wipe data" (Wipe the user data of this AVD)


Here is how I fixed it:

In the AVD Manage-> Create Virtual Device... -> New Hardware Profile

  • Device Name: My Device
  • Resolution 800 x 600
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Left other options as default -> Finish Next -> Next (Or select API e.g R) -> Finish

That device never throws that error and works faster.

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