I need to make changes to a custom TFS build task. I'd like to bundle the new version of the task in my extension (leaving the current version in as well) and be able to select the version when editing a build/release definition.

I've looked over Microsoft's documentation for bundling multiple versions of a build task within one extension, but I'm not seeing the details of what needs to be included in the extension manifest.

I've also looked at the VSTS Tasks on github and I'm not seeing how to accomplish this.

Does anyone have an example of how to bundle multiple versions of a task in one extension?


This works for Visual Studio Team Services, you may have to wait until TFS 2017u2 is out to be able to do this against TFS.

  • Create a parent folder for both tasks (Task)
  • Put each build task in its own folder (Task\TaskV1, Task\TaskV2).
  • Make sure they're different by major version in the task.json
  • Make sure they have the same TaskID and TaskName
  • In the vss-extension.json include the files for both versions
  • In the vss-extension.json include a single contribution for the task and reference only the parent folder (Task).

So like this:

 "contributions": [ 
         "id": "Task", 
         "type": "ms.vss-distributed-task.task", 
         "targets": [ "ms.vss-distributed-task.tasks" ], 
         "properties": { "name": "Task" } // reference task root folder here.

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  • I'd tried this as well; When uploading the extension I get the error The task.json file was not found in contribution Task. This happens whether I set a single entry in the files node pointing to 'Task' parent, or an entry for each task version. – Dan Wolfe May 5 '17 at 12:28
  • Are you on the latest version of tfx? – jessehouwing May 5 '17 at 12:58
  • I am. I should have mentioned before, we're on the latest TFS release, 2017.1 (not VSTS) – Dan Wolfe May 5 '17 at 13:56
  • Don't mean tfs, I mean the tfx commandline you're using to package and publish the extension. Plus, I personally haven't tried multi-version task extensions on tfs yet, only on vsts. – jessehouwing May 5 '17 at 16:27
  • 1
    You should have { "files": [ { "path": "Task" } ] } a single path entry for your whole task folder. Or possibly { "files": [ { "path": "Task/TaskV0" }, { "path": "Task/TaskV1" } ] } – jessehouwing Jan 4 at 10:32

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