Here is a protobuf message definition:

message People {
  enum PeopleName {
    Alice = 100;
    Bob = 101;
    Cathy = 102;
  optional PeopleName name = 1;

I would like to populate the name field based on some strings I created. E.g. in golang:

str := "Cathy"

How can I populate the "name" in the protobuf message?


The Go protobuf generator emits a map of enum names to values (and vice versa). You can use this map to translate your string to enum value:

str := "Cathy"

value, ok := People_PeopleName_value[str]
if !ok {
    panic("invalid enum value")

var people People
people.Name = People_PeopleName(value).Enum()
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    This answer does not build with syntax="proto3" since then, the Enum() methiod is not generated. You need to remove the .Enum() from the last line. – Ido Barkan Jul 2 '19 at 6:28

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