The following code composes a custom menu:

   <ul class="nav navbar-nav">
          $menu = wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically( 'Menu' ); 
          foreach($menu as $toplevel):
            $hasChildren = !empty($toplevel['children']);
          <li<?php if($hasChildren) echo ' class="dropdown"'; ?>>
            <a href="<?php echo $toplevel['url'] ?>"<?php if($hasChildren) echo ' class="dropdown-toggle" role="button" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false"'; ?>>
              <?php echo $toplevel['title'] ?>
            <?php if($hasChildren): ?>
              <ul class="dropdown-menu">
              <?php foreach($toplevel['children'] as $child): ?>
                <li><a href="<?php echo $child['url']; ?>"><?php echo $child['title']; ?></a></li>
              <?php endforeach; ?>
            <?php endif; ?>

But this code do not retrieve the target attribute. So, if this is checked:

"Open link in new tab" checkbox

the above code will ignore the setting and it will keep opening in the same tab. What should I do in order to fetch the target value of the menu item? I tried using $child['target'], but this field does not exist...


This is the code of wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically:

function wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically( $menu ) {
  $menu_items        =  wp_get_nav_menu_items( $menu );
  $hierarchical_menu = array();

  foreach ($menu_items as $item) {
    if( !$item->menu_item_parent ) {
      $hierarchical_menu[$item->ID]['title'] = $item->title;
      $hierarchical_menu[$item->ID]['url'] = $item->url;
      $hierarchical_menu[$item->ID]['attr_title'] = $item->attr_title;
    } else {
      $hierarchical_menu[$item->menu_item_parent]['children'][$item->object_id]['title'] = $item->title;
      $hierarchical_menu[$item->menu_item_parent]['children'][$item->object_id]['url'] = $item->url;

  return $hierarchical_menu;

Try to use get_post_meta($child['ID'],'_menu_item_target',true) to get the target attribute of the menu item.


To be able to access $child['target'] property you should change your wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically function by fetching this property inside if...else... statement:

if( !$item->menu_item_parent ) {
    $hierarchical_menu[$item->ID]['target'] = $item->tartget;
} else {
    $hierarchical_menu[$item->menu_item_parent]['children'][$item->object_id]['target'] = $item->target;
  • The $child['ID'] is always null. I used var_dump on each child, and noticed that they don't have their ID, so the call gets resolved to get_post_meta(null, '_menu_item_target', true). I tried calling the menu items as wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically( 'Menu', array("ID") ); but it didn't work either. – Metalcoder May 5 '17 at 10:42
  • 1
    Show the code of the function wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically. Is that function from your functions.php file or from any plugin? – Kulikov Sergey May 5 '17 at 10:52
  • I did not develped this theme, so I thought that this function was just an deprecated WordPress function without documentation. But you are right, it is inside functions.php. I will update my question in order to include it's code. – Metalcoder May 5 '17 at 20:54
  • 1
    @Metalcoder, To be able to access $child['target'] property you should change your wp_get_nav_menu_items_hierarchically function. I've updated my answer above. Look at it for details. – Kulikov Sergey May 6 '17 at 7:44
  • You nailed! Thanks! – Metalcoder May 8 '17 at 13:05

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