I am using s3 plugin in Jenkins to copy my project from GIT to S3.

Its working fine; except that it copies only the top level files. It doesn't copy the subdirectories or the files with in the sub directory.

How can I achieve a full copy?


It depends on your OS where the Jenkins job is executed: JENKINS issue 27576 seems to indicate it was an issue, but PR 55 also shows the right syntax to use for a recursive upload:

We had the S3 plugin configured with the source parameter as trunk/build/resources/**/* on Windows builders.

So in your case, make sure your path to upload finishes with /**/* in order to consider all files.

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Ant -- copying files and subdirectories from only one subdirectory on a tree

This helped me a lot

if you only what to upload to s3 the whole folder use: foldername/**/

i used this to host a nuxt project in s3 with the dist generated folder.

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