I m using MR.Gestures for long press event on list view. I m able to trigger long press event but not able to get listview selected long press item.

 <mr:ListView  x:Name="listView"
    ItemsSource="{Binding downloadedLessonsData}"
    LongPressedCommand="{Binding LongPressedCommand}"
    LongPressingCommandParameter="{Binding SelectedItem}"

In viewmodel code, OnLongPressed method is getting fired on long press of listview item:

  protected virtual void OnLongPressed(LongPressEventArgs e)
     MR.Gestures.ListView list=   (MR.Gestures.ListView) (e.Sender);
     //list.LongPressedCommandParameter; LongPressedCommandParameter is 
     //comming null, unable to get selectedItem

But I m unable to get selected long pressed item in OnLongPressed method. Please suggest how to get selected long pressed list item in OnLongPressed method. I m new to xamarin forms. Thanks in advance.


Your casting for selected item MR.Gestures.ListView list=(MR.Gestures.ListView) (e.Sender);

is wrong. you have to cast it to model if each selected item is a collection.

protected virtual void OnLongPressed(LongPressEventArgs e) { var selectedItem=(Model name be be given)e.Sender; ' //now you will get the selected model in selectedItem' }

you have to cast it to datatype if each selected item is a single value(eg: string).

protected virtual void OnLongPressed(LongPressEventArgs e) { var selectedItem=(string)e.Sender; ' //now you will get the selected string in selectedItem' }


Instead try https://github.com/pateljay0323/XamarinFormsGestures

to find SingleTap, DoubleTap, LongPress, Swipe, Pinch, Move, Up, Down etc.

and also this will save your licence fees

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    This does not answer the OP's question. Also, before self-promoting, you might want to check this post. – Nikola Prokopić May 7 '17 at 0:40
  • I don't think so this is self-promoting answer. Since questions is related to kittu is facing difficulty to find long pressed list item and i am try to suggest some alternative is that a self-promoting? Which exactly same kittu is expecting to work. And it also doesn't require licence. – Jay Patel May 7 '17 at 6:59
  • I downvoted your answer because the question was how to get selected long pressed list item in OnLongPressed method using MR.Gestures and your answer does not say how to do that. You should have explained how to achieve that (or why it is not possible, if that's the case). On the other hand, if you're suggesting an alternative solution (e.g. using another library), which can also be acceptable, you should include a snippet of code or at least quote a relevant part from documentation (and not just post a link). – Nikola Prokopić May 8 '17 at 12:03
  • Also, I don't have anything against someone promoting their library, on the contrary, if it solves someone's problem then go for it and kudos to you for creating it! :) But simply posting a link is not a way to go, you can find here some hints about that and about good answers in general. – Nikola Prokopić May 8 '17 at 12:04

You can either use listView.SelectedItem (as the selected item will be set when you touch a cell) or you handle LongPress on each Cell. Then you get the pressed Cell in the sender.

In your code the signature of the OnLongPressed method is wrong, but if it gets executed, then this is just a copy&paste error.

  • I m able to execute OnLongPressed. Can you please suggest how i can use listView.SelectedItem with mr.listview so hat i can get item in onLongPress method. I m very new to xamarin form. please suggest Thanks. – kittu May 5 '17 at 10:35
  • You wrote <mr:ListView x:Name="listView" in your xaml. This creates a member in your class with the name "listView". And that listView has a property SelectedItem developer.xamarin.com/api/property/…. The SelectedItem holds the selected item you asked for. – Michael Rumpler May 8 '17 at 10:03

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