The registration workflow for my application allows a username to be set only after the email address has been confirmed. Using the defaults in Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity, with Entity Framework generates an AspNetUsers table in the database, with a nullable UserName column. However, if I try to supply an instance of IdentityUser with a null UserName to UserManager.CreateAsync() I get the error: "User name '' is invalid, can only contain letters or digits.".

I would like to avoid setting a temporary non-null value, as the username should be unique but not an email address. Other workarounds (e.g. guid) just seem like a hack.

What's the best way to allow null for a null UserName?

  • I see that the SignInManager needs a username to sign in. So I guess this isn't going to fly. Perhaps have username and email set to the same value and have a separate property, e.g. DisplayName. – fractor May 8 '17 at 13:40

It looks like usernames are not intended to be null. A separate DisplayName property or similar is probably the way to go. https://github.com/aspnet/Identity/issues/1186

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