I'm a newbie in Posgresql

I have a table function:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION stage.get_primary_key_info(
    schemaName text, 
    tableName text
) RETURNS TABLE(constraint_name text, column_name text) AS 

    SELECT c.constraint_name, c.column_name
      FROM information_schema.key_column_usage AS c
      LEFT JOIN information_schema.table_constraints AS t
             ON t.constraint_name = c.constraint_name
      WHERE t.table_schema = schemaName
        AND t.table_name = tableName
        AND t.constraint_type = 'PRIMARY KEY'


And I'm trying to use this function like:

FOR c IN (SELECT * FROM stage.get_primary_key_info(target_schema, stmt.tablename))
    joinFields = joinFields || FORMAT('t.%s = s.%s AND', c.column_name);

But I have this error:

The loop variable of the tuples must be a variable of the type record or tuple or a list of scalar variables

  • Why using a LEFT JOIN when it turns into an INNER JOIN because of your WHERE conditions? – Frank Heikens May 7 '17 at 18:42

Try declaring c as a record. You are also missing a second parameter in the FORMAT string.

Also, take a look at string_agg and you might be able to skip that loop entirely. Here is an example (substituting y for the second parameter):

SELECT string_agg(FORMAT('t.%s = s.%s', column_name, 'y'), ' AND ')
  FROM get_primary_key_info(target_schema, stmt.tablename)

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