When I run the mongo client, it stores a history of commands in $HOME/.dbshell. I would prefer not to log any commands from Mongo.

How do I disable the behavior that writes to the .dbshell file? I don't want to write it to /tmp, I want to avoid having it write anywhere.

This page does not provide useful information here.


As at MongoDB 3.4, there is no explicit option to disable the mongo shell history feature.

A possible workaround is to make the history file read-only. The mongo shell will currently continue without error if the .dbshell file cannot be read or written.

For example, on a Unix-like system:

# Ensure an empty history file
echo "" > ~/.dbshell

# Remove rwx access to the history file
chmod 0 ~/.dbshell

I've raised a feature suggestion for this in the MongoDB issue tracker which you can watch, upvote, or comment on: SERVER-29103: Add option to disable writing shell history to .dbshell.

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You can control where this file will be created.

So take a look here.

void shellHistoryInit() {
    stringstream ss;
    const char* h = shell_utils::getUserDir();
    if (h)
        ss << h << "/";
    ss << ".dbshell";
    historyFile = ss.str();


so if you return falsy value from this function the file should not be created:

const char* getUserDir() {
#ifdef _WIN32
    return getenv("USERPROFILE");//make sure this is empty
    return getenv("HOME");
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  • Sorry - I don't want to control where it will be created, I want to avoid it being created in the first place. – Kevin Burke May 6 '17 at 5:33
  • this is how they implement it internally in mongo source – Tal Avissar May 6 '17 at 5:35

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