Does anyone know how to install MiniSom package (or any other Self Organizing Map package) in Python?

Kind regards.

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1- Download minisom.py from the below link: https://github.com/JustGlowing/minisom/blob/master/minisom.py

2- Place the file in your working directory

3- in your python program which you want to use minisim enter: from minisom import MiniSom

  • This helped. But why does pip install minisom is not enough I wonder?
    – vytaute
    Oct 26 at 14:40

See https://pypkg.com/pypi/minisom/

To install MiniSom, enter the following at the terminal:

pip install minisom
  • Using pip with an activated Anaconda environment you don't need to include the source code in your working directory.
    – Mello
    Jan 21, 2022 at 12:01

I believe that the PyMVPA package contains self-organising maps functions. You can find detailed installation instructions on their website.

Alternatively if you wish to use MiniSOM you can download it from github where installation instructions are included.


Command To install MiniSom:

pip install minisom (terminal)
!pip install minisom (google colab)

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