I will like to know if I can use dask instead of pandas. What are the issues I may face?

1) I guess dask will be slower than pandas for smaller datasets. I am OK with that because there are times when I do not know the size of the data nor do I know server configuration.

2) I will have to learn a slightly different syntax (for e.g. compute)

Will I face a situation where dask dataframe can not do something that pandas dataframe can?


This is a very broad question. In general I recommend referring to the dask.dataframe documentation.

Dask.dataframe does not implement all pandas. This includes the following sorts of operations:

  1. Mutating operations
  2. Operations that are hard to do exactly in parallel, like median, (though approximate solutions often exist, like approximate quantiles)
  3. Iterating over rows of a dataframe
  4. Small corners of the API that no one has bothered to copy over.

However, because a dask dataframe is just a collection of many small dataframes, you can often get around some of these limitations in simple cases.

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