I have problems iterating through a YAML file, config.yml:

  1: |
    &6MG&1Hub &fWHITELIST &3free
  2: |
    &6MG&1Hub &fWHITELIST &3free
  3: |
    &6MG&1Hub &fWHITELIST &3free
  4: |
    &6MG&1Hub &fWHITELIST &3free
  5: |
    &6MG&1Hub &fWHITELIST &3free

I can read all of them using


but there is a problem, that I can't access more than one. I know I could do something like


but the problem is, that if I request something like


the program/plugin would crash.

Keep in mind, that there can be as many 'motds' as the person editing YAML wants to have.

  • On Stack Overflow you normally insert some file's content by pasting it in, selecting all of the file contents and then clicking {} in the edit "bar" (or hit Ctrl+K).
    – Anthon
    May 7 '17 at 14:39

How about


From the Bukkit documentation:

To get a HashMap, a ConfigurationSection must must first be retrieved. You can return the configuration with getConfigurationSection method. The getValues method will return the values in the ConfigurationSection as a map, it takes a boolean which controls if the nested maps will be returned in the map. You can obtain the original map by invoking getValues(false) on the returned ConfigurationSection. Due to the way Java handles generic classes, type information will be lost, thus a cast will need to be performed to set the original type information. The API makes no guarantees that the cast you perform will be safe.

You can then iterate over the HashMap as desired.

  • Thank you for sharing this with me... Just when I tought that I was getting insane :D thanks! May 7 '17 at 13:37

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