Google plus signin using cordova-plugin-googleplus in my ionic app is giving me an issue. After login, the success callback is not called.

            'scopes': 'email profile', 
            'webClientId': '**********', 
            'offline': true, 
        function (obj) {
            alert('login success');
            //... user service called

        function (msg) {
            alert('error: ' + msg);

In the above code snippet, neither alerts are called. When I check the adb logcat logs I find that the login was success:

    D/CordovaActivity( 1614): Incoming Result. Request code = 77552
    D/CordovaInterfaceImpl( 1614): Sending activity result to plugin
    I/GooglePlugin( 1614): In onActivityResult
    I/GooglePlugin( 1614): One of our activities finished up
    I/GooglePlugin( 1614): Handling SignIn Result
    I/GooglePlugin( 1614): trying to get account information
    W/CordovaPlugin( 1614): Attempted to send a second callback for 
    ID: *************
    W/CordovaPlugin( 1614): Result was: {**** correct user info ****}

Also interestingly, the window.plugins.googleplus.trySilentLogin works fine. I am using android physical device and also have facebook plugin among others.

Any pointers to solve this would be great.

  • do you have a solution for this ? – noor Jun 9 '17 at 7:08

I using this plugin, and just deleted

'webClientId': '**********',
'offline': true,

So the plugin is works.

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