I have added comment button in my table.When I hover it tooltip will be displayed.
How to change style of tooltips? Can anyone help me?

.cancelComments + .tooltip > .tooltip-inner {background-color: #f00;}


I tried using popover also but popover is not displaying.


Here are simple example


  <a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="bottom"
       title="" data-original-title="Tooltip on bottom"
       class="red-tooltip">Tooltip on bottom</a>


.red-tooltip + .tooltip > .tooltip-inner {background-color: #f00;}
.red-tooltip + .tooltip > .tooltip-arrow { border-bottom-color:#f00; }


Here is working fiddle with your code, the problem you didnt reference bootstrap.js!


  • Already I tried this.But not working for my table. – user7397787 May 8 '17 at 7:12
  • Have you double checked if you referenced your bootstrap files in a proper way? Because I think this code should work. Also, maybe a link to this post could clear out things for you. – kevin b. May 8 '17 at 7:14

Well, you supposed to write a script in order to generate a tool tip as follows and you haven't include bootstrap.min.js, jqueryand bootstrap.min.js including order is also important. This will resolve your issue here is your updated fiddle https://jsfiddle.net/8q88jrtr/6/

Change Markup adding title and content in bootstrap-3  tool-tip

//add this script in footer or header after bootstrap js, css and jquery resources

            $(document).ready(function () {
                //tooltip added on attribute "data-toggle"
                $(".tooltipControl").popover({ trigger: "hover" });


<a links tooltipControl" data-content="No Detail" data-placement="right" data-original-title="Title">See tooltip Here</a>
<!-- CSS -->
a i{margin:50px 0 0 50px;}
#my-tooltip + .tooltip > .tooltip-inner {background-color:#EF5438;}
#my-tooltip + .tooltip > .tooltip-arrow {border-top:5px solid #EF5438;}
<!-- HTML -->
<a href="#" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="Ur 
Facebook" id="my-tooltip"><i class="fa fa-facebook"></i></a>
  • You should explain what this code does. And also apply the correct formatting please. – Juan Carlos Mendoza Aug 22 '17 at 18:17

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