The TreeView uses in its underlying implementation the TreeNodeCollection. The TreeNodeCollection in almost every overload of the add method asks for a key.

It also implements indexOfKey and ContainsKey yet there appears to be no way to determine the key of a node from the node itself or from any of the events you would typically use such as TreeView_AfterSelect().

Am I correct or is there in fact someway to retrieve the key from a node or event which I have overlooked? And assuming I am correct. Why on earth was it implemented in such a way? The only thing I could think of was that perhaps TreeNodeCollection.Key is deprecated? But I see no mention of this…

PS: I am aware of the TreeNode.Tag property and how it can be used to the same effect.

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Take a look here. In the remarks you'll find the following

The Name property corresponds to the key for a TreeNode in the TreeNodeCollection.


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