When doing an apt-get update/upgrade I see that error

W: Conflicting distribution: https://downloads.plex.tv/repo/deb public InRelease (expected public but got )

I was upgrading to Ubuntu Zesty 17.04 before and do not know how to fix the above. Already have seen https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/162337/plex-media-server-ppa-for-ubuntu/p4? but there are no suggested fixes for that.

Maybe one of you can give some hints? Thanks!

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And replace

deb https://downloads.plex.tv/repo/deb/ public main


deb https://downloads.plex.tv/repo/deb/ ./public main

...that worked for me.

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    I don't have this file : plexmediaserver.list !!
    – McLan
    Commented Oct 9, 2018 at 15:48
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    @McLan – It's whichever file contains the relevant deb line(s). You might have them all in /etc/apt/sources.list or you might have them in *.list files within the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory, which lets packages maintain their own repository configurations without messing with others.
    – Adam Katz
    Commented Aug 3, 2023 at 22:18

I am hit by this warning log and found out this might be caused by a wrong InRelease file.

I am making a self managed repo and initial creates InRelease file by

# apt-ftparchive release ./ > Release
# gpg -abs --default-key xxx -o Release.gpg Release
# gpg --clearsign --default-key xxx -o InRelease Release

but this turns out does not add proper metadata, to solve it, I add a new config file and add following contents

APT::FTPArchive::Release {
  Origin "test";
  Label "focal-updates";
  Suite "focal-updates";
  Codename "focal";
  Architectures "amd64 i386 source";
  Components "main";
  Description "focal-updates";
# apt-ftparchive release -c=./patch.conf ./ > Release
# gpg -abs --default-key xxx -o Release.gpg Release
# gpg --clearsign --default-key xxx -o InRelease Release

then apt update is fine and warning message is gone

  • I had a similar issue. In my case, all I needed to add was the Codename field, which I did with this: apt-ftparchive release -o APT::FTPArchive::Release::Codename=focal . > Release Commented Oct 25, 2022 at 0:33


This is because they are redoing the packaging:

public main is correct.
You’re not doing anything wrong.
What you see is because of how the repository is…
As I’ve stated already today, I am working as hard and as fast as I humanly can.
The repository will be completely overhauled by the time we complete the new build system (CI) for all of PMS.

Run the following code and it will update/upgrade Plex.

echo deb https://downloads.plex.tv/repo/deb public main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/plexmediaserver.list

curl https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-keys/PlexSign.key | sudo apt-key add -

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

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