How can I detect monospace fonts in Delphi?

TFont.Pitch should be fpFixed I think, but it does not work for me with Delphi XE4:

  Font: TFont;
  Font := TFont.Create;
  Font.Name := 'Courier New';
  if Font.Pitch = fpFixed then
    ShowMessage('Monospace Font!');

Font.Pitch based on GetObject of the WinAPI. It should return in lfPitchAndFamily FIXED_PITCH, but I always get DEFAULT_PITCH for all fonts (also for Arial).

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Yes, GetObject really returns DEFAULT_PITCH. But you can get true value through enumeration of fonts with needed name:

function EnumFontsProc(var elf: TEnumLogFont;
                       var tm: TNewTextMetric;
                       FontType: Integer;
                       Data: LPARAM): Integer; stdcall;
  Result := Integer(FIXED_PITCH = (elf.elfLogFont.lfPitchAndFamily and FIXED_PITCH));

procedure TForm1.Button13Click(Sender: TObject);
  if EnumFontFamilies(Canvas.Handle,
                      PChar('Courier New'),
                      @EnumFontsProc,0) then
     Caption := 'Fixed'
     Caption := 'Variable';

Edit: In newer Delphi versions EnumFontFamilies function is described as returning Integer result (in accordance with MSDN), as Andreas Rejbrand noticed in comments, so result should be treated as:

 if EnumFontFamilies(Canvas.Handle,
                     PChar('Courier New'),
                     @EnumFontsProc,0)  <> 0  then
  • 1
    Doesn't EnumFontFamilies return an integer? Nov 21, 2022 at 21:07
  • @Andreas Rejbrand Thanks for revealing this. In XE3 (I tested with this version) this function is described as BOOL, that is why I used such syntax. It is worth to add remark for newer versions
    – MBo
    Nov 22, 2022 at 4:19

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