I am using this php code:

exec("unrar e file.rar",$ret,$code);

and getting an error code of illegal command ie 127 ... but when I am using this command through ssh its working ... because unrar is installed on the server ... so can anyone guess why exec is not doing the right stuff?

  • just a thought: is file.rar definitely in the same directory that the php script is running in? And is unrar in a directory that is in the PATH? – Ben Jan 13 '09 at 11:00
  • yeah file.rar is in the same directory ... unrar is installed on the system ... is there any specific ath it should be to be executed by php exec? – Intellex Jan 13 '09 at 11:04
  • I told its working fine on terminal which i m using through ssh – Intellex Jan 13 '09 at 11:04

Try using the direct path of the application (/usr/bin/unrar of whatever), it sounds like php can't find the application.

  • I have to agree it sounds like the directory containing the unrar binary is not included in the PATH var so using a direct path should help, or just adding the binary to the directory if the path cannot be found. – UnkwnTech Jan 13 '09 at 11:16

If you have chrooted apache and php, you will also want to put /bin/sh into the chrooted environment. Otherwise, the exec() or passthru() will not function properly, and will produce error code 127, file not found.

  • This solved the problem for me. Thanks! – Daniel Stelter Jul 5 '11 at 23:15

Since this comes up as a top answer in google, I wanted to share my fix:

The simple fix I had was to disable safe_mode in the php.ini file

; Safe Mode
; http://www.php.net/manual/en/ini.sect.safe-mode.php#ini.safe-mode
safe_mode = Off

thanx all for your response!!

I tried this

//somedir is inside the directory where php file is
exec("/home/username/bin/unrar e /home/path/to/dir/file.rar");

and now it returned no exit code ... oher commands are doing file .. i tried mkdir etc .. :s

  • btw this command was running straight on shell – Intellex Jan 13 '09 at 12:29

Just in case somebody else still gets this problem, take a look at the post here:



I found the problem. The problem was my security-paranoid OpenBSD. When upgrading from 3.1 to 3.2 they added:

  • Apache runs chroot'd by default. To disable this, see the new -u option.

The chroot prevented Apache from accessing anything outside of a directory, so I moved everything into the apache directory including netpbm. Everything was accessible and executable, but I guess it was still in some sort of "safe mode" because the exec() always returned 127.

Anyway, running httpd with the -u option went back to the less secure non chroot'd apache startup, which allowed the exec() to work again.


ohkiee guyz thanx ... and yes there might be some errors with $PATH ... but with given full path its working :)

exec("/home/user/bin/unrar e /home/user/xxx/yyy/file.rar");

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