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I'm having an Array[String] called samparr with some values in it, I want it to get stored as an output file.

var samparr: Array[String] = new Array[String](4)
samparr +:= print1 + "  BEST_MATCH  " + print2

just like,

val output = samparr.saveAsTextFile(outputpath)

but isn't a RDD its an Array[String]

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You can use SparkContext.parallelize to "distribute" your Array onto the Spark cluster (in other words, to turn it into an RDD), and then call saveAsTextFile:


This action will partition the data and send each partition to one of the executors, then each partition will be saved into a separate "file-part".

Alternatively, since the array is very small and doesn't really "justify" using Spark, you can try any non-Spark method of saving data to file, e.g. the one linked by @avihoo-mamka: How to write to a file in Scala?

  • Thank you so much, this is what I expected. Tzach Zohar you Rock.! – Vickyster May 9 '17 at 13:33

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