I want to replace text with a fontawesome icon in a link being created with CakePHP's HTMLhelper.

Here is the text version that works just fine:

Html->link('View', ['action' => 'view', $menuitem->id], ['title' => __('View'),'class' => 'btn btn-info btn-xs']) ?>

And here is an example of what I want to accomplish:

Html->link('span with icon goes here', ['action' => 'view', $menuitem->id], ['title' => __('View'),'class' => 'btn btn-info btn-xs']) ?>

Any ideas would be helpful. Thx!

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Use the escape option, ex:

<?= $this->Html->link(
    '<span class="fa fa-search"></span><span class="sr-only">' . __('View') . '</span>',
    ['action' => 'view', $menuitem->id],
    ['escape' => false, 'title' => __('View'), 'class' => 'btn btn-info btn-xs']
) ?>

From the docs:

HTML special characters in $title will be converted to HTML entities. To disable this conversion, set the escape option to false in the $options array.

echo $this->Html->link(
     $this->Html->image("recipes/6.jpg", ["alt" => "Brownies"]),
     ['escape' => false] );
<?= $this->Html->link('' ,['id' => 'logo',
'controller' => 'Pages', 'action' => 'display', 'home'], 
['class' => 'navbar-brand page-scroll']) ?>

I just set the image in the css and displayed like this

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