I have a boolean variable in my data-object, and want to show 1 string from resources when it is true, and another when it is false. I am trying to do it this way:

android:text="@{sendit.bccMode ? @string/sharebox.bcc_mode_on : @string/sharebox.bcc_mode_off}"

But getting an compilation error:

****/ data binding error ****msg:Could not find accessor java.lang.String.bcc_mode_on

What do I am doing wrong?

  • put your string.xml file here – Luiz Fernando Salvaterra May 9 '17 at 14:47
  • <string name="sharebox.bcc_mode_on">BCC mode on</string> <string name="sharebox.bcc_mode_off">BCC mode off</string> – Viktor Sinelnikov May 9 '17 at 14:55

The Databinding library is lost when you use the . (dot) as a name, change your strings.xml file to this:

  <string name="sharebox_bcc_mode_on">BCC mode on</string>
  <string name="sharebox_bcc_mode_off">BCC mode off</string>

To be exact, you don't have to rename your strings with an underscore in place of a dot, just replace dots by underscores when you USE this string :

in the file strings.xml :

<string name="sharebox.bcc.mode.on">BCC mode on</string>
<string name="sharebox.bcc.mode.off">BCC mode off</string>

in the databinding (in activity.xml) :

android:text="@{sendit.bccMode ? @string/sharebox_bcc_mode_on : @string/sharebox_bcc_mode_off}"

So you just have to convert '.' to '_' when you use this strings in databinding

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