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When I run my query with an WHERE IN statement, it seems like it automaticly sorts the product_id that are returned.

$SQL = "SELECT * FROM PIM WHERE product_id in (10,8,1,3)";

foreach($conn->query($sql) as $row) {
  echo $row['product_id'] . "<br>";



I want them returned in the order they entered in (10,8,1,3)

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Since in your original query you did not specify which order MySQL should use then is using ASC, Try using ORDER BY FIELD() like this:

SELECT * FROM PIM WHERE product_id in (10,8,1,3) ORDER BY FIELD(product_id, 10,8,1,3);

Check this great answer for more details.


select * from PIM where id in (1,3,8,10) order by find_in_set(id,'10,8,1,3');

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