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If I have an if statement that doesn't have a conditional operator, does it matter if I use the double exclamation mark operator - !!?

For example...

if ([]) {



if (!!([])) {


From what I understand - the operator is basically asking - "is this value truthy?". So it is redundant in this case. Is it redundant in all cases similar to this?


if (x) { console.log("hi"); }
if (!!x) { console.log("hi"); }

Will both of these print for any x? That is my question.

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    It is redundant in this case. – zerkms May 10 '17 at 1:52
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Yes. Both of these will print for any Boolean(x) === true

For more detail, you can find truthy, falsy and Boolean in JavaScript

For esier to understand, you can use Boolean([]) // true

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