I found method in Rails ls.

 pry(#<SettingsController>)> ls
ActiveSupport::ToJsonWithActiveSupportEncoder#methods: to_json
ActiveSupport::Configurable#methods: config
AbstractController::Base#methods: action_methods  action_name  action_name=  available_action?  controller_path  response_body
  content_type   controller_name  headers   location=         middleware_stack=  performed?  request=       response   response_body=  session       set_response!  status=
  content_type=  dispatch         location  middleware_stack  middleware_stack?  request     reset_session  response=  response_code   set_request!  status         to_a   
#<Module:0x0000000551b030>#methods: env

..... and so on

So what does it mean? Is it show us all available methods in the project?


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From pry README: https://github.com/pry/pry

Pry allows us to pop in and out of different scopes (objects) using the cd command. This enables us to explore the run-time view of a program or library. To view which variables and methods are available within a particular scope we use the versatile ls command.

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