I have a dump file which loads just fine on most versions of Windbg I have access to. But on the specific Windbg version from Windows 10 SDK -- v10.0.15063.137, my !uniqstack command spits out the following error for every thread with an unique callstack:

Requested number of stack frames (0xfffffff87dceaa87) is too large! The 
maximum number is 0xffff.
                 ^ Range error in '~.;k -782315579'

Its the same error for every thread. However ~*kv works just fine.

Is this a bug? If so, I can't find any forum to report it to. Microsoft's Connect website doesn't make it clear where these kind of bugs belong.

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    I also have issues with latest Windbg from Creators Update SDK. Use older one (RS1 or TH2), here it don't have issues. – magicandre1981 May 10 '17 at 14:45
  • there is an update of SDK/Windbg to version 15063.400, maybe it fixes your issue. – magicandre1981 Jun 3 '17 at 7:22

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