I newly installed Anaconda (v.4.3.1) and used a conda command to install cling for a C++ kernel on Jupyter. I used conda install -c conda-forge cling=0.3.post

I am on Windows 8.1. I can't seem to find an answer on how to resolve this: I'm getting a 'Dead Kernel' error upon opening a notebook with any C++11, C++14 or C++17 kernel. I have not at all been able to use the c++ kernels after installation. Python3 kernel works completely fine. Below is a screenshot of the error I get.

Dead Kernel: Error Message Screenshot


For future errors: look at the console window that opens up when you start the notebook server. That will report Python exceptions.

For this case, I think you found what I recently discovered: cling's Jupyter kernel does not currently work on Windows. It uses the fcntl module to make pipes it uses for input/output non-blocking. fcntl only works with *nix operating systems. You'll have to wait until they change it up.

  • The issue was commented on in December 2018 with the same comment. Not really a shock, even Cling itself doesn't work (adding int x = 3; works, but attempting to print it with x crashes the entire program). Most of that is on Cling though, the official binaries don't include Windows either. For now, I suppose using WSL or hosting Jupyter on a UNIX server is the way to go. – Zoe - account abandoned Aug 11 '19 at 13:36

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