I would like to change the URLs of the single event pages created by the Events Calendar WordPress plugin but only for a specific category. The default URL is 'http://www.example.com/events/post name' and I want to change it to 'http://www.example.com/webinars/post name' but only if the event has a category of webinar.

I created a function for changing the permalink:

add_filter( 'post_link', 'change_webinar_links', 10, 3 );
function change_webinar_links($permalink, $post) {
    if(get_post_type() == 'tribe_events' && has_category('webinar', $post->ID) ) {
        $permalink = trailingslashit( home_url('/webinars/' . $post->post_name  ) );
    return $permalink;

I am stuck on creating a rewrite function. I couldn't find an example that applies to my situation.

UPDATE: I came up with some code which doesn't work but it at least shows what kind of syntax I'm looking for:

add_action( 'tribe_pre_rewrite', 'webinar_rewrite_rule' );
function webinar_rewrite_rule() {

Could anyone help me with the rewrite rule?

  • What's the input and output that you expect from your regex? – gaganshera May 10 '17 at 18:23
  • I'm assuming the input would be '/events/' and the output would be '/webinars/'. – mdailey77 May 10 '17 at 18:36
  • Just to confirm, do you want a regex to change all such urls http://www.example.com/events/post name to this: http://www.example.com/webinars/post name? – gaganshera May 10 '17 at 18:38
  • No just those who have a category of webinar. – mdailey77 May 10 '17 at 18:47
  • Still not clear enough. If you could post an input and desired output for the regex, it would be better.. – gaganshera May 10 '17 at 18:48

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