I have created AWS EC2 Windows 16 instance and was able to attach additional volume etc...and so far so good.

I wanted to try to use CLI commands.

Installed CLI on AWS-EC2 windows instance. and did according the instructions attached in the picture below.

when I type "aws ec2 describe-instances I get "Could not connect to the endpoint URL" When I was creating the instance, I chose a "Security Group" that had HTTPS enabled.

any help?

error message

enter image description here


You probably have something wrong in your default profile for the default region.

Check your file at ~/.aws/config (or C:\Users\USERNAME \.aws\config for windows users), you have something like


Fix the region to region=us-west-2 and then the command will work correctly

You can review the AWS page to make sure you have a valid endpoint http://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/rande.html, they are classified by AWS services

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