Possible to deploy to azure web site using Visual Studio Code editor and an Azure Publishing profile?

How and Where?

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According to your description, I suggest you could use git to publish your project to the azure.

More details, you could refer to below steps:

1.Create a web app service in the azure and set the Deployment credentials as below:

Notice: Remember the user name and password.

enter image description here

Set the password and user name:enter image description here

2.Set the azure web application deployment options to local git.

enter image description here

Choose the source:

enter image description here

3.Copy the git url in web service overview:

enter image description here 4.Open your VS code and right click the project, select the open in the command prompt

enter image description here

5.In the opened windows add below command:

Notice: Change the url as your copied url

git remote add azure https://[email protected]:443/estruyf-publish.git 
git config credential.helper store 
git push -u azure master

Then it will fired a login window to type the username and password.

enter image description here

The result as below:

enter image description here

Notice: My VS code version is 1.21.1. It will automatic install the Git. If your VS code doesn't contain the git, you need install it firstly. You could refer to this article.

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