Please help me to understand what am I doing wrong. I'm trying to restore db instance from snapshot. Seems like restoring happens fast but modifying phase gets stuck for hours. As I can see it cannot apply Option Group for new instance - it gets stuck with status Pending-Apply for hours. As I understand it should take only minutes to complete restoring.


Have you read the log files? what kind of database is? I had a similar issue with mysql and it was because a innodb datafile was corrupt. I solved it forcing to recover it setting the parameter force_innodb_recovery=1, but be careful because you can lost data.

  • Yes it is mysql and logs are clean - no error messages. – arctg May 12 '17 at 10:50

Actually it didn't get stuck. It was converting storage type from IOPS to GP2. It's time consuming operation. When I left storage type without changes restoring operation took about 15 minutes.

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