I want to use the JWT secretorkey in my code.So I need to store it at a different place.How can I generate it?

It is used in the code as follows:

This secret is present in config/auth

module.exports = {  
  'secret': 'eypZAZy0CY^g9%KreypZAZy0CY^g9%Kr', //how will I generate this??

In config/passport.js

var config = require('./auth');
var jwtOptions = {
    jwtFromRequest: ExtractJwt.fromAuthHeader(),
    secretOrKey: config.secret

Assuming you just need a crypto random string you could for example use this https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm.

In nodejs you can use crypto.randomBytes (https://nodejs.org/api/crypto.html#crypto_crypto_randombytes_size_callback) to generate cryptographically strong pseudo-random data.

In .Net you can use RngCryptoServiceProvider to generate random sequences

Or if it is one time you could just close your eyes and type a bunch of "random" characters on the keyboard :)

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