How to find integrity constraints (such as primary key) for an existing table? I am using Oracle 10g.


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To find constraints on a table:

select constraint_name, constraint_type
from user_constraints
where table_name = 'YOUR_TABLE'

There are matching dictionary views , ALL_ and DBA_, if you need to find constraints on tables in other schemas.

The four constraint types are

  • P Primary key
  • U Unique
  • R Foreign key (reference)
  • C Check

Check constraints include things which we don't immediately think of as constraints, such as NOT NULL.

So, to find the primary key on a table...

select constraint_name, constraint_type
from user_constraints
where table_name = 'YOUR_TABLE'
and   c.constraint_type = 'P'

To find the table referenced in a foreign key:

select c.constraint_name as foreign_key
       , c.r_constraint_name as referenced_constraint
       , p.table_name
from user_constraints c
     join user_constraints p
      on p.constraint_name  = c.r_constraint_name 
where c.table_name = 'YOUR_TABLE'
and   c.constraint_type = 'R'

You need to query the data dictionary, specifically the USER_CONS_COLUMNS view to see the table columns and corresponding constraints:

SELECT *  FROM user_cons_columns WHERE table_name = '<your table name in caps>';

It you are trying to find info about the data model, use a tool built for the job.

Download SQL Developer

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