I've been tasked to create a data visualisation dashboard that relies on me drilling into the existing database.

One report is 'revenue per available covers' - part of the calculation determining how many hours were booked against how many hours were available.

The problem is the 'hours available', currently this is stored in a schedule table that has a 1-1 link with the venue - and if admin want to update this there is a simple CRUD panel with the pre-linked field ready to complete.

I have realised that if I rely on this table at any point in the future when the schedule changes the calculations change for any historic data.

Any ideas on how to keep a 'historic' schedule with as minimum impact as possible to the database?


What you have is a (potentially) slowly-changing dimension. Basically, there are two approaches:

  • For each transactional record, include the hours that you are interested in.
  • Store the schedule with time frames, which capture the schedule at a particular point in time.

In SQL Server, I would normally go for the second option, using effDate and endDate columns to capture the period when the schedule is active.

I would suggest that you start with a deeper explanation of the concept, such as the Wikipedia page.

  • thank you, especially for the link ! – Krishan Patel May 12 '17 at 13:31

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