I'd like to modify existing Android drawable vector XML resource, but Android Studio let do it only in XML source.

Could you suggest a tool for "interactive" editing Android drawable XML?

Or may be there is a way to import such files to, say Incscape, or Adobe...

yes, you can easily convert SVG vector files to XML source.

Before saving your AI project file as an SVG, make sure you:

  • Convert all paths to outlines, using Object > Expand....
  • Convert compound paths to paths, right click on shape and release compound path
  • Once that's done each shape in the SVG should be a .

once that's done, save svg and now to convert svg to xml resource.

Now in Android studio

  • right click on resource folder -> new -> create vector asset. and choose your saved svg.
  • it will be saved as xml in drawable folder.

if you're using older version of android

Take the downloaded SVG and drop it into SVG2Android and it will give you XML.

And to do the other way round, i found this thread helpful. Convert VectorDrawable to SVG

Hope it helps! i convert like this, if you face any issue, comment below.

  • Not the answer to the question. Is there an interactive editor for the Android vector xml files? – Brian Reinhold Jun 21 at 18:58
  • It is the answer maybe you did not read carefully. You can create vector file in adobe illustrator which is best software out there for vector illustration. Then you can save those files and import them to android. The procedure is clearly explained above. – Amir De Jun 21 at 19:47
  • There are lots of svg editors. A good many are free. But I think what the asker (as well as I) was looking for was an interactive editor for the Android Vector files. The best I can do is to edit the xml by hand and use it in an Android project in Android Studio. AS shows the result in a sidebar if it is part of your code. I can see responses to my edit changes. Works for simple ones, but that's as far as that goes. Wasn't looking for xml to svg, edit, and then back. – Brian Reinhold Jun 21 at 23:54
  • Yes there are definitely mang good free software. Unfortunately that was the only way i have done at that done, do share if you find a new software that does the job. Thanks – Amir De Jun 22 at 1:47

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