A fresh installation of CentOS 7 needs a fresh installation of PostgreSQL, with a new user and a new role. I am following the steps described in this tutorial to accomplish this goal. However, the terminal is not providing the interactive menu that the tutorial promises when I type createuser -interactive. Instead, I get the following blank prompt:

[this_centos_user@localhost ~]$ sudo -i -u postgres
[sudo] password for this_centos_user:
-bash-4.2$ createuser –interactive

What specific commands need to be typed in order to get the interactive createuser interface to appear and let me give a username, password, etc.?

The Specific Situation:

1.) First, I installed the postgresql-server package and the "contrib" package with the following command:
sudo yum install postgresql-server postgresql-contrib

2.) Next, I created a new PostgreSQL database cluster:
sudo postgresql-setup initdb

3.) I then set up password authentication editing PostgreSQL's host-based authentication (HBA) configuration by typing sudo vi /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf and changing the following lines to include md5 instead of ident:

host    all             all               md5
host    all             all             ::1/128                 md5  

4.) After saving and exiting vi, I started and enabled PostgreSQL with the following:

sudo systemctl start postgresql
sudo systemctl enable postgresql

5.) Next, I logged in to PostgreSQL with the postgres account that we created above, and tried to create the user with the code from the top of the OP above, as follows:

[this_centos_user@localhost ~]$ sudo -i -u postgres
[sudo] password for this_centos_user:
-bash-4.2$ createuser –interactive

So how do I create this user?

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Not a direct answer to the question but related:

If you're like me and you've typed createuser --interactive inside of psql, and you're wondering why you've just gone from postgres=# to postgres-#, you've misunderstood the instructions. Exit psql with Ctrl+C and then \q and run createuser --interactive from the shell as the postgres user.


There appears to have been a typo in the tutorial. The correct syntax is:

-bash-4.2$ createuser –-interactive  

Note that --interactive in this answer is correct, while -interactive in the OP was wrong.

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