I have installed Tensorflow and Keras by Anaconda (Conda Forge's packages) on Windows. This kind of installation has set Theano as primary backend, so I have checked the keras.json file, surprisingly it has set Tensorflow as the main backend. Furthermore, if I try to remove Theano's installation, Keras stop working. I am supposing that each time I run Keras, it override the json file. How could I permanently set Tensorflow as primary backend?

  • Where is the keras.json file located? – rmeertens May 13 '17 at 12:15
  • @rmeertens I can access it by %USERPROFILE%/.keras/keras.json – Simone May 13 '17 at 14:19

In Windows, Try launching the Anaconda prompt from start -> Anaconda* -> Anaconda prompt

*Anaconda followed by your version, for me it is Anaconda3 (64-bit)

Check whether you can see the below as the first line

set "KERAS_BACKEND=theano"

In this case, by default you can go to the below directory (If you have set a custom install directory you might have to navigate there)


and open the keras_activate batch file using notepad

Inside the file edit the line saying

set "KERAS_BACKEND=theano" to set "KERAS_BACKEND=tensorflow"

You are set to use Keras with tensorflow backend.

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