If I import a library type declaration in Typescript. How can I extend the definition of that library when there's compiler issues with it, but it would be otherwise valid js code? For example validate.js type bindings are very inaccurate compared to the actual implementation. Something like shown below....

import * as validate from 'validate.js';

declare namespace validate {
  Promise: any;
  async: any;

Similarly with mongoose I can't access modelSchemas property but I need to.

import * as mongoose from 'mongoose';
declare namespace mongoose {
  export modelSchemas any[];

So if I want to add definitions to the existing types just to shut the compiler up. How can I do that?


Put additional typings in custom-typings.d.ts in root of src.


import * as mongoose from "mongoose";

//augment validate.js
declare module "validate.js" {
    let Promise: any;
    function async(param: any): any;

//augment mongoose
declare module "mongoose" {
    let modelSchemas: mongoose.Schema[]


import validate = require("validate.js");
import mongoose = require("mongoose");
import * as Bluebird from "bluebird";

validate.Promise = Bluebird;
mongoose.Promise = Bluebird;

let schema = new mongoose.Schema({
    name: String

mongoose.modelSchemas = [schema];


Why import with ES5 syntax (require)? ES6 modules and their properties are constant.

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    Thanks it's nearly working for validate.js but it's now giving error: "Cannot assign to 'Promise' because it is a constant or a read-o nly property" - but others have resolved. Also how to add a property to mongoose.Mongoose? I tried similar but couldn't get the syntax right. – Richard G May 14 '17 at 5:47
  • Please see the edited answer. There is some extra juice - mongoose will use Bluebird as Promise library. – Granga May 14 '17 at 6:57
  • Ok thanks mongoose and validate.js errors have resolved now. Thanks for the help. – Richard G May 15 '17 at 12:30

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