I need to call vuex module it doesn't work. I've seen the documentation but still it doesn't work. Hope someone can help me.

const stateLocations ={

    state: {

        provinces: {},
        cities: {}
    mutations: {
        provinces(state, payload){

            state.provinces = payload

const store = new Vuex.Store({

    modules: {
        locations: stateLocations


My code to call the mutations


            var store = this.$store

                .then( function(response){

                    store.state.locations.commit('provinces', response.data)

This one doesn't work store.state.locations.commit('provinces', response.data) TY

  • Offtop but I should note this way of talking with external api is not correct according to vuex docs. Such logic should be moved into actions section of the vuex module. – N. Kudryavtsev Mar 6 '19 at 18:25

Because you didn't enable namespaced in the module, you simply need to

this.$store.commit('provinces', response.data)

If you want to enable namespace:

const stateLocations = {
  namespaced: true,
  state: {

then you commit the mutation like this:

this.$store.commit('locations/provinces', response.data)

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