I want to integrate SVN in Visual Studio 2017. But cannot find the option from where SVN could be connected.

SVN version : TortoiseSVN 1.9.5, Build 27581 - 64 Bit


You could try VisualSVN for Visual Studio 2017. VisualSVN 6.0 nicely integrates with VS2017 and is free under Community License (on non-domain computers).

enter image description here

I guess that another option would be to try AnkhSVN 2.7.

BTW, what @rajusharma mentioned is not really an 'integration'. That instruction just adds TortoiseSVN's commands to Visual Studio and it quite outdated. It was written at the times when there the only free edition of Visual Studio was Express that did not support third party extensions. There is Visual Studio Community Edition nowadays and you can freely install VisualSVN or AnkhSVN to integrate SVN with your IDE.

PS I'm with VisualSVN Team, so consider me biased. :)

  • Thanks alot @bahrep – Abdul May 16 '17 at 9:06

TSVN is also a good choice.

I once used VisualSVN extension. However, I find VisualSVN has an issue when upgrading Nuget packages containing resource files, it always mark the resource files deleted and added, that's odd. Now I switch to TSVN, it seems very light-weight and convenient.

enter image description here


Another option:


With this tool you can:

  • Add code to source version

enter image description here

  • See the changes on the Solution Explorer

enter image description here

  • And all the stuff that you cand do with Tortoise SVN on Windows Explorer

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