I am creating a theme myself.

When the admin publish a new post, I know how to get the title of this post, the feature image, the content, etc and output them into a template page.

How can I get the PDF file of post and create a button so when the user clicks on it then the PDF will download?

Keep on mind that on this page template,the admin will upload a pdf file.

Also I dont want to use a plugin.

  • But i dont want to write the code for me.I need a little help Only for ONE button make possible the download of pdf. – Roland Doda May 15 '17 at 13:26

you can use mpdf library to generate pdf of whatever content you want. Generate an HTML button for all the post content within the template, and on button click write it as a pdf and get it downloaded. Hope this will work!

Sample code

//HTML content to wirte as pdf
$html = '<h2>title</h2>
$mpdf = new mPDF('A4');
$stylesheet = '@charset "utf-8";
{{{stylesheet content goes here}}}
$mpdf->WriteHTML($stylesheet, 1);
$unique = time() . rand(0, 999);
$path = path_to_the_pdf/'filename_'.$unique.'.pdf';
$mpdf->Output($path, 'F');
echo path_to_the_pdf/'filename_'.$unique.'.pdf';

You can use the WYSIWYG editor to create a link to the PDF:

  1. click on add media
  2. Choose your pdf
  4. Close that window
  5. Create your link text
  6. highlight it
  7. Click on the insert link button
  8. paste the url there

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