I write a project with visual studio. In the project I build a class called CSimApplianceDlg which has two members:

static UINT RecvDataFrame(LPVOID pParam) and CSerialPort m_Port

class CSimApplianceDlg : public CDialog
// Construction
CSimApplianceDlg(CWnd* pParent = NULL); // standard constructor

// Implementation
HICON m_hIcon;

// Added for Serial Port operation
static UINT RecvDataFrame(LPVOID pParam); // Process received data
unsigned char m_SendData[MAX_LEN]; // Data to be sent
int len;                           // the length of data to be sent
CSerialPort m_Port;     // CSerialPort Object

CSerialPort has a public member function WriteToPort to send data through serial port.

void      WriteToPort(char* string);
void      WriteToPort(char* string,int n);
void      WriteToPort(LPCTSTR string);
void      WriteToPort(LPCTSTR string,int n);

I called


in UINT CSimApplianceDlg::RecvDataFrame(LPVOID pParam). However, while building the project, just at the line of the calling, I got

1>e:\mysourcecode\smarthome\simappliance\simappliance\simappliancedlg.cpp(557) : error C2228: left of '.WriteToPort' must have class/struct/union
1>e:\mysourcecode\smarthome\simappliance\simappliance\simappliancedlg.cpp(557) : error C2597: illegal reference to non-static member 'CSimApplianceDlg::m_SendData'
1>e:\mysourcecode\smarthome\simappliance\simappliance\simappliancedlg.cpp(557) : error C2597: illegal reference to non-static member 'CSimApplianceDlg::len'

How can I deal with these errors? And which WriteToPort is called, because I am not familiar with LPCTSTR.

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    You forgot to show the code where those errors occur. – Jabberwocky May 15 '17 at 14:26
  • You have probably failed to create an instance of the CSerialPort class. As Michael has said, we can't tell for sure unless we can see the actual code. Please update your question with a minimal reproducible example. – Cody Gray May 15 '17 at 15:54
  • errors applears in calling "m_Port.WriteToPort(m_SendData,len);" – pellyhawk May 16 '17 at 8:54

The function static UINT RecvDataFrame(LPVOID pParam) is static. It means you can call it without an instantiation of the object CSimApplianceDlg. In other words you can call CSimApplianceDlg::RecvDataFrame() from anywhere which is often the case for call back function. This means that within that function, you cannot access the member variables (m_Port). As pointed earlier, we do not have enough information to help but it's likely that the pParam passed has a pointer to the object... alternatively, if it's the only window in your app, you can try AfxGetMainWnd(). LPCTSTR is simply defined as const TCHAR *, where TCHAR is a char or a wchar_t if your are in ANSI or Unicode. Good luck!

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