For my WordPress website, I use the plugin Wp domain checker. You can check if a domain is available and proceed with a redirect. The problem is that I want it to redirect to a special redirect depending on the page where the domain checker is embedded in. For example, if it is embeded in: test.com/page1 and the redirect would be test.com/succes I want it to redirect to test.com/succes-https://test.com/page1

With the plugin that I am using, you can add {domain} at the end to redirect to a special URL with the chosen domain at the end. I want this functionality, but then with the current URL instead of the chosen domain. I know that this works via an input text field, with the name="domain"

Do I need to do this with PHP, or should I use the following JavaScript function, but how?


And do I need to insert the code into the plugin PHP code, or in the current WordPress page?


Just found out that there is a very simple way of doing this. Because it uses a href link you can simply turn the href link into this href='redirect' and then it would go to http://example.com/page1/redirect. This is approach 1, but you can also use another approach, with PHP.

The second approach is to use href='$current_url redirect' and then this should be the PHP function: $current_url = home_url(add_query_arg(array(),$wp->request));

It grabs the current WP page, which you can then use in the href. Then the text with a space behind the function is the redirect, so it will redirect to the same page as approach 1.

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