I have a search index like so in Cloudant:

"indexes": {
    "search-cloud": {
      "analyzer": "standard",
      "index": "function(doc) { index(\"keyword\", doc.name); }"

The function is a bit more intense but that is the set up.

It appears its using this? org.apache.lucene.queryparser.classic

Right now I have a local Fauxton CouchDB 1.6.1 database that I'm staging the data on but it appears that the search isn't implemented on it.

Is there a way to install this so I can make the following call to the database and get info back?


The search stack behind IBM Cloudant is powered by Apache Lucene and was open sourced awhile back. I think this article on enabling full text search in Apache CouchDB is what you're looking for.

  • Thanks Bradley. I actually ended up getting the Cloudant Developer Edition which worked fine but will most definitely make note of this article! – bryan May 23 '17 at 22:57
  • Oh yes—I should have mentioned the Cloudant Developer Edition as well. Glad to hear you got it working. – Bradley Holt May 24 '17 at 13:37

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